New Era Progressive School

Korba (CG), India

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  1. There is no provision of half day leave except for an emergency. Half day leave will be granted only in exceptional cases only on the written request of parents.
  2. Attendance will not be marked for the students leaving before 10:30 a.m.
  3. In such cases the students will be handed over to the parents or the card holder issued by the school separately for this purpose.
  4. Leave will be granted in case of sudden illness, death in the family and marriage of close relative.
  5. Parents must apply for leave on the LEAVE RECORD PAGE in the school diary giving reason for leave. No application on plain or ruled sheet will be entertained.
  6. Any student suffering from any contagious disease will be allowed to attend the school only when he/she recovers thoroughly. In such cases the student will be exempted from tests, Medical certificate should however be submitted.
  7. Students must complete 80%attendance to appear for the Final Exams.
  8. Student's name will be struck off the rolls in the following two conditions
  1. Leave availed without being sanctioned and remaining absent for six days.
  2. Leave suffixed to the vacation without prior permission.
  1. Perfect silence has to be maintained in the library.
  2. Students must not carry their personal books. However a diary is permitted.
  3. A book after being read must be kept back in the same place.
  4. Books are issued for seven days, failing which a fine of Re.1/- is charged per day.
  5. Students must return the books in good condition. A book mutilated in any form will call for a replacement of the book by the student.
  6. A student found damaging the book will be barred from using the library facility.
  7. Before withdrawing the student from the school " No Dues Certificate" should be obtained from the librarian.