New Era Progressive School

Korba (CG), India

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  1. Students are required to carry the diary everyday to avoid any kind of inconvenience.
  2. Parents are requested to inform the school office if there is any change in their address/ telephone numbers.
  3. Students must be punctual. Late comers will be sent back.
  4. Proper discipline should be maintained throughout and more so while changing rooms. Students are not allowed to play in the verandah or corridors of the school.
  5. Students must turn out in proper school uniform on all the days. Proper hygiene must be maintained. Students. Who are not properly dressed will be suitably penalized.
  6. Office bearers must wear their badges regularly.
  7. Any kind of damage done to the school property by any student will have to be borne by their parents.
  8. Boys (other than Sikhs) must get decent hair cut at regular intervals.
  9. Wearing mehandi, tattoos, piercing (other than earring for girls), fancy haircuts, and makeup are strictly prohibited.
  10. Before entering the school premises students must ensure that the bicycles are locked. School will not be responsible for any missing bicycle.
  11. Students are barred from coming to school on their self driven automobiles or two wheelers.
  12. No student should indulge in lighting crackers or playing holi in the school premises. School reserves the right to take action against any kind of indiscipline which will be binding on the parents and the students.
  13. Students are not allowed to carry any prohibited articles like mobile phone, cameras, pen drive etc. nor they should be bringing CDs, Floppy in the premises. If found carrying any of the above mentioned articles they will be confiscated.
  14. The School reserves the right to expel the students with unsatisfactory performance in studies, whose conduct is a bad precept for others or those who do not abide by the school rules.
  15. Anti-school activity of any sort by any parent or a student whether in private or public will invite the expulsion of the student from the school.
  16. Students are not supposed to carry any other book except text book or library books.
  17. Indiscipline in the school premises is prohibited. Running in the corridors, shouting, whistling and ragging in any form is strictly prohibited.
  18. It is mandatory to converse in English in the school campus and also while commuting to and fro for the school.