New Era Progressive School

Korba (CG), India

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School Timings

Timings can be changed as and when deemed necessary and parents will be informed accordingly.

Timings For Meeting The Principal

Timings for Meeting the Teacher

 Formative Assessment

  1. 1. As a part of Formative Assessment the teachers will conduct activities.
  2. 2. The activities will be conducted in the month of July, August, November and January.
  3. 3. The activities will be in the form of Quiz, Debate, Project, Oral & Workshop.
  4. 4. Teachers will announce the dates for these activities from time to time.

 Rules For Re-test

  1. 1. If a student remains absent for the weekly test. He/she will be allowed to take a re-test on the days prescribed by the School.
  2. 2. A child will be allowed to take only one re-test in a term.
  3. 3. A student who sits for more than one re-test will be deprived of the scholar badge.