New Era Progressive School

Korba (CG), India

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Each Student has his/her own calibre to be a doctor, engineer, musician, dancer, writer, teacher, painter, artist, journalist etc.

“Education is of no value if it is not able to build up a sound character”

Welcome to New Era Progressive School – A school with a difference. An institution which believes in the overall development of the students inculcating in them, desire to excel love and passion for achieving success in curricular and co-curricular areas.  

We firmly believe in activity based learning along with active participation of each and every child.

The students play a pivotal role and the teachers act as facilitators nurturing their innate qualities because in today's changing scenario it is of utmost importance that students should excel in their studies.  Keeping this indispensable aspect in mind we have structured our teaching learning strategy imbibing digital curriculum. This is our way of filling the learning vacuum of our young scholars. Our dedicated, motivated and persevering faculty members are continuously striving to meet the global changing demands essential for today's competitive situation.

We develop the qualities of students by inculcating in them etiquettes, self esteem and enhancing moral responsibility, essential for creating a sensitive and congenial environment wherein the total persona of a student will bloom to the fullest and we are continuously trying to produce responsible future citizens. We teach our children to love and respect our cultural heritage and to become its custodians in times to come.  In today's materialistic world where time has gone ahead of man we at NEPS feel proud to speak of the in-built culture of the tutor-tutee relationship as it was in the ancient times ; still alive and kept sacred in our temple of knowledge.

We provide an ethical dimension to the learners and emphasis is laid more on the growth of one's mind, body and conscience.

We follow the techniques of inquiry and research process. Our curriculum defines the ethos of Indian classical art form, music, dance and drama. We believe that an examination is complete when a child's knowledge, talent, curiosity and research skills are tested and proven correct. This is how our students and educators work hand in hand to reach the zenith of scholastic and co-scholastic peaks year after year. At NEPS, a child is made aware of his/her own potential and how worthwhile he/she is as a person, which brings about the required self confidence in each child. Let us join hands to dispel darkness and lead our children to the world of knowledge and awareness.

With Regards,

Dinesh Lamba, Chairman

Aruna Lamba, Academic Director

Message from Management


Mr. Dinesh Lamba

Academic Director

Mrs. Aruna Lamba