New Era Progressive School

Korba (CG), India

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N.E.P.S. firmly believes that learning is a continuous process and our curriculum frame work emphasizes on this very aspect. We follow the CBSE curriculum, which is based on activity based acquisition of knowledge. It enhances the development of logical and creative thinking. The school lays impetus upon interactive environment to provide each student with his/her holistic development.

A highly professional approach is maintained amongst the staff and the management to ensure that the aims and objectives of the school are achieved with ease.

Our strength is our talented and dedicated teachers striving continuously in order to update themselves with the latest developments in the field of education. To achieve this we conduct in house training programmes to hone their skills. Special classes are conducted for the new students and the slow learners to help them join the main stream.


We firmly believe in comprehension structured learning rather than the traditional rote learning. The students upto Class - V are not required to over burden themselves with homework. The assignment is completed under the guidance of the teachers. Only a handful of books and notebooks are carried home to apprise the parents about the learning activities conducted at the school.

"Catering to researching minds"